#EverydayAbility- 18-19 Bengaluru

with Beyond disability

Firefox Bikes & Adventures Beyond Barriers Foundation are proud to announce a collaboration aimed to demonstrate that adventure is for all. The collaboration is committed to dispelling misconceptions surrounding #PersonsWithDisability (PwDs), proving that #disability is not an impediment to adventure. This collaboration could spark larger social change, one that mainstreams conversations about disability and allows PwDs to truly partake of #inclusive and #accessible spaces. To demonstrate this, PwDs & able-bodied Firefox Riders will paramotor together as a unique adventure. We need volunteers to participate & facilitate the activity at Bengaluru.

When: 2nd March, Saturday Wheelchair Cricket with PwDs, from 8:00 am to 11:00 am

Where: RKR SPORTS ENTERTAINMENT Dommasandra Huskur Road, Chokkasandra, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560099.

For directions contact- 088843 71612

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    15th Feb 5:45pm - 2nd Mar 1:45pm
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