Volunteer4India is a dream that came into being when five professionals from different walks of life got together to ideate how they can build something for the country, where everyone can ‘Do Good’ and ‘Earn Good’. By combining the innate passion within everyone to participate in activities that are good for their country and community, and the desire to earn social recognition for their passion of doing good for the society, the platform Vounteer4India took birth to bring together an eco-system of Individuals, Community Organizations, Colleges, and Corporates/ Brands. The platform is available to everyone forregistering themselves from their desktop computers or mobile devices. Being a marketplace of Volunteering activities, the platform had been conceptualized as a living, thriving, and growing community of social do-gooders across the nation.


The mission of Volunteer4India is to build a measurable "Social Capital Score ®" for all participating Individuals, Colleges, Community Organizations and Corporates/ Brands from the V4I platform; and popularize the scores across all media. Through its transparent, quantitative, and collaborative community-marketplace for volunteering activities, V4I will deliver on metrics for success involved in community services, social causes, and CSR initiatives. A self-sustaining, growing, and evolving social community within the platform is the ultimate goal – a social media platform for a social activation network.

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Board of Directors

Ranjoy Dey

Ranjoy is a high energy digital enthusiast and savvy on the latest trends, he is a proponent of ideas, data and relationships to address...


Shefali Sikka

Shefali Sikka is post graduate diploma holder in customer service in airline operations and has about 20 years of experience...


Advisory Board

Sameer Sikka

Sameer Sikka is a Management consulting and Leadership development professional who has been working closely with top and middle management...


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